Kokopelli Kachina Dolls

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The image of a hunched flute player with a feathered headpiece is commonly seen in the southwest, and is actually a Kachina spiritual doll called the Kokopelli. It is the most revered fertility deity, and is said to possess the Kokopelli Kachina during the 6 months that the Kachina inhabit the Hopi lands. During this time, Tribe members pray to the flute-playing Kachina for fertility in their harvest, tribe, and fortune.

The flute in the Kachina’s hand is believed to call upon rain and women to increase fertility and help the Hopi thrive for the year. The Kokopelli also represents music, and during ceremonies and festivals is accompanied by a costumed member of the tribe who plays the flute for the audience’s enjoyment.

The Kokopelli Kachina doll is perfect for nearly every occasion and recipient because of how recognizable and symbolic it is in the southwest. If you own one, consider placing it near your garden or a tranquil area.