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Kachina Doll Meanings

Dictionary of kachina dolls meanings (sorted by name):

1st Mesa: Passage way to other mesas
Antelope: Dances to increase its numbers, brings rain
Apache Dancer: “Mountain God”, protects the Apache tribe in war time, also used in coming of age ceremonies for young girls
Badger: Cures the sick, prayers for the growth of healing herbs are given to him.
Bean: Dances for a plentiful crop of beans
Bear: Represents great power to cure the sick
Broadface: Carries Yucca whips to enforce community cleaning
Buffalo: Most powerful among kachina dolls, can kill evil thoughts, great spiritual protector
Buffalo Warrior: Assures there will be adequate food for the winter
Butterfly: Represents the butterfly that lands on flowers, then the medicine man uses these in his medications
Chasing Star: Symbolizes the plants and the stars. Resurrects those that have fallen from the sky, lifting them back up to the stars.
Chief: Ancient kachina, represents great power of knowledge
Corn Maiden: Said to purify the women who grind the corn for ceremonies and other use
Crow Mother: Watches over the children as they play
Deer: Dances to increase his kind for plenty to eat in the future
Eagle: Represents Strength and power, carries your dreams to heaven
Hemis: A beautiful kachina, which represents happiness of a successful harvest
Hoop Dancer: Amuses the audience of a major ceremony, the rings represent the circle of life: Life, Death, and Reemergence
Hototo: Preparer of food, most respected of the war kachina dollss
Hummingbird: Appears often as a runner, brilliant impersonator
Kokopelli: Hunched back flute player, fertility god, seducer of young girls, baby-maker. He carries a bag of presents to distribute to the young girls.
Left-Hand: Reversed kachina, does everything in the opposite
Lizard: Fighting kachina doll, brings Sweethearts together
Medicine Man: Mixes herbs and roots to give advice, prevents and cures the sick.
Morning Singer: Appears on roof tops and sings songs to wake the village
Mouse: Skillful warrior who protects the village
Mudhead: Well known kachina dolls, acts as clown
Navajo kachina dolls: Represents the Navajo Tribe as viewed by other tribes in the southwest
Ogre: White Ogre represents good; Black Ogres threaten small children who are naughty
Old Man: Grandfather kachina, sings songs for a successful growing season
Owl: Beneficial to agriculture because of his destruction of rodents, symbolizes intelligence and wisdom
Paralyzed: Carried by a friend who was blind, together they were able to hunt and travel
Rainbow: Represents peace and harmony amongst tribes
Ram: Much like all game animals, dances to increase it’s kind for food and has power over the rain.
Red Tail Hawk: Rarely seen, serves many important purposes
Road Runner: Assists in bring the rain, wards off witchcraft to protect homes
Santo Domingo: Blesses the seeds for a good harvest
Shaiako: Most magnificent, towers seven or eight feet, usually appears with it’s mate.
Snake Dancer: Sends message with the snake to ask God to bring rain.
Snow: Brings snow and cold weather essential to the growth of crops.
Spotted Corn: Aides in the polinization and production of corn, a very important food.
Sunface: Represents warmth, shelter for the old, bright future, and playfulness for the young.
Warrior: Serves as a policeman, important war kachina doll
White Cloud: Represents the clouds in the sky, brings moisture for the crops
Wolf: Hunter, uses his knowledge to find and capture game animals
Wolf Warrior: Assures there will be adequate food for the winter
Zuni Rain Priest: Accompanies the Shaiko to bring rain



11/05/2014, 08:21 PM

"i guess it helped with the powers. but where did they come from... no help for my project in that part"

09/25/2014, 06:38 PM

"i need help for my kachina doll project"

06/30/2014, 06:22 PM

"I was wondering if there was anyone out there that could help me out with my kachina dolls. I have 4 that were give to me from my grandfather , he has collected them for as long as I can remember . If you could help me out with meanings and some history that would be awesome email me at brantdc15@live.com
Thanks "

01/22/2014, 10:24 PM

"I am looking for a all white kachina doll. I believe in all white leather or all suede or maybe all white fur. One leg up and arms almost all way out and up to shoulder hight.
I am curious to purchase one like this description and also the meaning of an all white kachina doll. "

09/22/2012, 01:18 PM

"My grandaughter will be 8yrs old in Jan. and I have been colenctilg joseph dolls eversince. I know I am behind in a couple of years, I am so thankful for your website because everytime you send me an email about your dolls it reminds me that a birthday is just around the corner and it is time to pick up her doll! Your dolls are so very precious to me. I just hope that my grandaughter loves them as much as I love giving them to her .."

02/23/2012, 10:50 AM

"Is there a kachina doll that represents a Wedding"

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