Hototo Kachina Dolls

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The Hototo Kachina is an exceptionally unique doll in that it is held in high regards for two positions. It is believed to be responsible for all food preparation, and is also a well-recognized war Kachina. It is often depicted posing with weapons, feathers, or both, and is decorated with a traditional feather headdress for war Kachina.

The Hototo Kachina is celebrated during the six months the Kachina spirits are said to inhabit their Kachina dolls because it means praying to the Hototo Kachina will bring the rain and harvest needed. Besides being a respected war spirit, the Hototo Kachina is also thought to be a gift bearer for its presence is said to bring what the Hopi people are in most need of.

This Kachina is a diverse doll because of its many roles within Hopi belief, and is therefore an excellent addition to any Kachina collection. Giving a Hototo Kachina can symbolize your desire for the recipient to have their needs fulfilled, while displaying your own may bring yourself fulfilled wishes.