Crow Mother Kachina Dolls

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The Crow Mother Kachina is a symbolic piece that embodies both spiritual traits and a representation of a position within Hopi culture. Specifically, she is a “chief” Kachina, a figure of maternal leadership within a tribe, especially to children. In many Hopi legends, she is the mother of all the Kachina. However, her status is secondary to the presence she brings to those around her.

Posed often carrying food or harvest stocks, the Crow Mother is painted with an upside-down triangle on her face and two feather spreads coming from the sides of her head. Though her stoic look is carved to bring a sense of leadership, she embodies compassion.

Crow Mother is believed to be a guiding spirit for many people, and having one in your presence can increase the amount of crow birds in your area, leaving feathers around you to bring good fortune and above all – good health. The Crow Mother’s health comes not just in medicine, but in the purification of conscience and mind. A gifting of a Crow Mother is deep sign of respect and care, and to have one in your presence is believed to bring very good fortune.