Buffalo Kachina Dolls

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The most prominent trait of the detailed Buffalo Kachina Doll is its large, protruding horns that symbolize the animal it is divined form. The Buffalo Kachina is a warrior doll, one of the most powerful in fact. Seen often with weapons, spears, and yucca whips, the Buffalo Kachina are one of protection and great strength.

Though representative of the strength and ferocity of a buffalo, the docile nature of the animal is where the true power derives. Though equipped for physical battle, the placement of a Buffalo Kachina in one’s presence serves the purpose to drive away the evil thoughts and intentions of an enemy or one who seeks great guidance. The creation of the Buffalo Kachina shows that the mind is what truly drives one to their actions, and though strength is admired, it is only the destruction of internal evil that can lead to harmony.

The Buffalo Kachina is poised to fight, but their presence among someone is placed to bring those with evil thoughts to peacefulness and on the path of good beliefs. Consider gifting one to yourself or another who seeks harmony in their life.