Hummingbird Kachina Dolls

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The beautiful Hummingbird Kachina is an often seen entertainment doll among Kachina collections. Usually crafted with a beak, moccasins, and feathers around its middle, the Hummingbird Kachina is a true festival addition.

The hummingbird itself is considered a common spirit animal, and is often mentioned in many legends about the spring and summer. The Kachina, however, is known for being present during festivals and zipping around the audience, acting playfully and bobbing its head in a dance. It is considered a very light-hearted Kachina and, at festivals, is accompanied by an entertainer dressed in the same manner and being just as playful.

The Hummingbird Kachina is a must-have for any Kachina doll collection. It is considered to be the most joyful of all spiritual Kachinas, and is believed to bring joy and fun to those who possess one. It makes a wonderful gift for a friend or sibling you have shared many good times with and wish to have many more.