Chief Kachina Dolls

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The status of the Chief Kachina doll is quickly spotted by its elaborate and large featured headdress, which symbolizes authority. Usually posed with hands extended and carrying a spear or stick, the Chief Kachina is certainly a sight to behold.

The spiritual meaning of the Chief Kachina within Hopi tribes is their role akin to the Hopi Elders who often share their headdress designs. Because of their meaningful ties with the Elders, the Chief Kachina is believed to look after the well-being of the tribe and ensure its safety and harmony. Often, members of the Hopi tribe would dance in the presence of the Kachina doll to portray the importance the Chief held.

It is also believed that the Chief Kachina hold power over the other Kachinas, and having a Chief present would enhance the power of each other Kachina. Their main role in the Kachina and the tribe is to bring additional harmony, structure, and community to those within the tribe. To have a mighty Chief Kachina in your home is considered a very fortunate gift and one to be appreciated and admired.