Badger Kachina Dolls

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The Badger Kachina is quickly recognizable. Shaped to stand strong, tall, and alert, the badger is represented to show the sturdiness and hard-working nature of the spirit from which is it is divined. Though the exterior of this captivated Kachina is made to symbolize the animal’s resilience, the Badger is actually a doctor.

The Badger Kachina is believed to contain extensive knowledge of roots, herbs, and mixes along with how to use them on those most in need. When a member of a Hopi tribe was ill, the Kachina served as an influence to heal the member – as it is considered the most powerful healer among all of the Kachina.

The Curing Kachina, as it is often referred to, represents the strength of a Badger, and the spirit of the Kachina weaves that strength into the creation of a doll that will strive to cure the sick. The Badger Kachina is a special gift for your loved ones or professionals who possess determination in their compassion for others.