Kachina Doll Meanings

This is a short list of some of the most popular Kachina dolls and their historical meanings. Many times, Kachinas have been given to others as gifts for celebrations or accomplishments. We’ve included a list of events or people that the Kachina may be a good match for, but any Kachina is beautiful and can be appreciated as a gift to another or to one’s self.

Kachina Doll


Perfect For

1st Mesa

Passage to other Mesas.



Bringer of Rain.

In-home display

Apache Dancer

Also known as “Mountain God”, protects the Apache tribe in war, often used in coming-of-age ceremonies for girls.

Birthday gift


Prayers to Badger Kachina include giving healing herbs, believed to aid in curing the sick.

People in the medical field.


Used in dances for a plentiful crop of beans.



Its presence represents great power, and is used in prayers to cure the sick.

Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day


Recognized for holding Yucca whips to enforce community well-being.

Housewarming gift


Very powerful Kachina, a great spiritual protector against evil.

Significant birthdays, life-changing events (moving, etc).

Buffalo Warrior

Its presence is used to assure there will be enough food for the winter season.

Appreciation gift


Brings butterflies to the medicine man who uses them in medications.

People in the medical field.

Chasing Star

Resurrects those that have fallen from the sky and returns them to the stars.

Lovers of astronomy or astrology.


The Ancient Kachina, embodies the great power of knowledge.

Lovers of books, learning, and wisdom.

Corn Maiden

Presented to purify the women who grind corn for ceremonies.

Young girls

Crow Mother

Its presence watches over children as they play.

Mother’s Day


Used in dances to call for more deer to the land so that there is plenty to eat.

Appreciation gift


Kachina of strength and power.

Congratulatory gift


A very beautiful Kachina representing the happiness of a successful harvest.

Birthday and accomplishment gifts, in-home display

Hoop Dancer

Used as amusement in ceremonies. The three hoops represent Life, Death, and Reemergence.

Encouragement for those in the entertainment industry.


Represents the preparation of food from a successful harvest.



Tricky Kachina, loves to impersonate others, especially runners.



Known as a flute player, Kokopelli is the fertility god.



This Kachina is believed to do everything in the opposite fashion.

Those who seek new ideas and innovation.


A warrior Kachina.

Welcoming gift

Medicine Man

Kachina that mixes herbs and advises on preventing and curing sickness.

Anyone in the medical field.

Morning Singer

Believed to appear on the rooftops to sing songs that awaken the village.

Baby showers, newlyweds.


Particularly skillful warrior that protects the village.

In-home display


A Kachina that acts as a clown for amusement.

Entertainers and lovers of comedy.

White Ogre

Represents good.

Accompanied with Black Ogre for display

Black Ogre

Appears when children are naughty to scare them into being good.

Accompanied with White Ogre for display

Old Man

The Grandfather Kachina, sings songs that bring a successful season for growing.

Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Birthdays


Symbol of intelligence and wisdom. His presence is said to destroy rodents and others that may harm crops.

Father’s Day


A Kachina said to have accompanied a blind man and helped him hunt and travel.

Those going through recovery.


Represents peace and harmony between all tribes.

Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Celebrations


Used in dances to encourage more ram for a good hunting season.

Appreciation gift

Red Tail Hawk

A scarcely seen Kachina, secretive.

One who seeks encouragement during their pursuits.

Road Runner

Its presence wards off witchcraft from homes.

Housewarming gift

Santo Domingo

This Kachina blesses the seeds that go into the harvest

Gardeners and plant lovers


A magnificent Kachina standing seven to eight feet tall.

In-home display

Snake Dancer

Instructs snakes to bring messages to the deities to ask for rain.

Those seeking promotion or new steps in life.


Appears to bring the cold weather for winter.


Spotted Corn

Aides in producing large amounts of quality corn.

Gardeners, cooks, and bakers.


Its presence brings warmth and a bright future, also shelters the old while encouraging playfulness for the young.

Birthdays, family holidays, accomplishment gifts.


A war Kachina doll.

Those who seek security.

White Cloud

Its presence encourages the clouds to rain on the crops.

Christmas, Thanksgiving


A Kachina that is prayed to before hunting, as it possesses knowledge in finding game.

Graduation gift

Wolf Warrior

Aids hunters in their pursuit of food for their tribe.

Father’s Day, appreciation gift

Zuni Rain Priest

Accompanies the Shaiko to bring rain.

In-hope display, appreciation gift