Hoop Dancer Kachina Dolls

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One of the most unique looking Kachina is the entertainer doll – Hoop Dancer. The Hoop Dancer Kachina is present at ceremonies and celebrations to entertain the audience with its three hoops circled around its ankles, stomach, wrists, or neck. This Kachina would often be displayed at events alongside a Hopi tribe member dressed in the same garb performing hoop tricks.

The rings of the Hoop Dancer represent the circle of life: Birth, Death, and Reemergence. This Kachina is one of the few entertainment-purpose dolls; however the performance and meaning of the hoops symbolize more. By spinning and performing with the hoops, this Kachina is believed to connect with the spirit world and bring a glimpse of the harmony of the circle of life to all of the spectators.

Far from stoic looking, the Hoop Dance Kachina is posed in a variety of ways, and easily stands out among other Kachinas. It is a wonderful gift for the entertainer or amuser in your life, or an excellent addition to your own home to remind you of the joy in life.