Chasing Star Kachina Dolls

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The Chasing Star Kachina doll comes in a wide variety of poses, colors, and d├ęcor, but shares the common trait of a mask represented by a 4-point star image. The Chasing Star is a symbol of the planets, stars, and the heavens above. While many Kachina present a trait, the Chasing Star is unique in that it is believed to hold a power along with its ties to the universe above.

It has been believed that this Kachina controls the movements of the stars and planets in the sky, dictating weather and seasons. Chasing Star is believed to be the very embodiment of all stars and planets, and is revered as a Kachina spirit to be deeply worshipped.

The gifting or presence of the Chasing Star Kachina doll is a very meaningful and compassionate action. To be watched over by the very spirit of the stars is thought to bring protection, good fortune, and a balanced alignment with the universe. Though each Kachina doll is a precious gift to own, the Chasing Star is one of particular significance.